What is Aerial photography?


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography techniques have evolved over the years and today we have the most advanced drones to capture the scenes. Whether you have to capture your real life moments, whether it is a shooting of a film or monitoring the weather from the sky, photography has its applications everywhere. Drone is the popular photography techniques these days. I will not consider it as the latest technology as it has been around for quite a time. The pictures that we get of our earth from the space are the aerial photographs. But recently these aerial photography techniques have become very popular and it is all because of the latest gadgets and digital products introduced in the market.

Aerial photography drone is basically a photography technique in which the photographs are taken from the sky. Although it is not that difficult with the drones available these days to capture the right moments. Aerial photography has also impacted the digital marketing and people these days are using this photography technique to good effect in the field of digital marketing.

Scientists have been using these photography techniques since the 19th century but now everybody has his hands on technology and many of them are using it to good effect as well.

We all know the fact that the demand for the content has increased but it is very difficult for the content creators to find new and unique sources of material. Today they have drones and flying cameras with which they capture the aerial views of different events and locations.

These flying cameras have broken the barriers and have provided people with the ability to access the places that are impossible for the people to access. There are basically different types of aerial photography and these forms are used in different situations and applications. The two basic forms of the aerial photography are oblique and vertical. We will discuss a little about these two forms so that you have a better idea of which form is perfect for which occasion.

Forms of Aerial photography

In oblique aerial photography, the pictures or images are captured at an angle of 45 degrees. Although these photographs are usually taken manually this provides the photographer with the best view. This form of photography is mostly used in archeology because they need a wider context of a feature.

Winters are the perfect season to take oblique aerial photographs because snow enhances the features and the photographers can also capture shots with clarity. However, the applications of this aerial photography technique are extremely limited as the farther away you go from the target the smaller it will appear.

The second form of the aerial photography is vertical photography. In this technique, the scene is captured straight down over a landscape. Because it captures the scene straight down it gives a plain view without any distortions in the picture. This technique is best to capture the 3d images as well and you can also capture scenes from a relatively greater height. Although it has the same advantages as oblique aerial photography offers but when compared vertical is the best among the two.

These drones and flying cameras have added a new charm to the lifestyle and we believe that we will see many other applications in the future as well. Media is already taking full advantage of this unique photography techniques and this has something for everyone. So, don’t wait.At Mercadeolabs just tell us about your aerial imaging needs and start using aerial photography to see the amazing results.

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